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Where Should a Millennial Move?

Millennials are growing older and finding a place to call home.  While they may be settling down, they are not settling for anything less than amazing.  The high standards of this generation have led to some trend changes in the places where the most millenials and calling home.  Below is a list of the top place young adults are flocking to.

·    Austin, TX

It may not come as a surprise that most millennials are googling real estate attorney austin tx to get help closing on their houses in this upcoming area.  With amazing city nightlife and great culture, Austin is one of the top cities millennials are choosing to build their lives.

·    Houston, TX

Houston is a growing city in Texas due to its quiet neighborhoods located close to downtown and the affordability of houses in the area, which makes this city a haven for millennials.

·    San Antonio, TX

San Antonio offers strong jobs in military, health, and technology.  The types of millenials that go to San Antonio are described as “logical” with the goal of saving money and getting a sturdy job in mind.  This practical city is beginning to compete with other established cities like Austin.

·    Sarasota, FL

Sarasota is growing its millennial population due to its small- town feel with access to urban amenities.  It also doesn’t hurt to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

·    Orlando, FL

Orlando is another Florida city becoming a great location for millennials due to its growing job market and affordable housing.

·    Denver, CO

Denver is a beautiful mountain escape for millennials with a strong job market and affordable housing.

·    Colorado Springs. CO

Colorado Springs has been chosen as one of the best cities for business and still has a beautiful mountain view and great culture with a bit of a smaller price tag. 

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Every generation looks for something they can call their own.  Millennials seem to be claiming these cities in Texas, Florida and Colorado as their home sweet homes.